It wasn't until my family was in a near-tragic car accident and my daughter almost lost her life that I made a transformation. I watched my daughter struggle to survive and then struggle to regain her mobility. It motivated me to get off the couch and regain my life.

You can never give up.  The fat won't.  Do it.  Grab it.  Achieve it.



Here I am posing with my brother. It is one of the few photos I allowed during my “fat” phase.

Here I am relaxing on the beach after I reclaimed my life!

From couch potato to triathlete!

One way I lost 60 pounds was I started training for triathlons. Here I am finishing Augusta Half Ironman In 2011! My goal is to one day do an Ironman (2.5 mi swim, 112 mi. bike, 26.2 mi. run).